Chef Big 3FM Awards Winner

Chef’Special Biggest Winner In 3FM Awards 2021. Harlem won their Best Album Unfold It also won the award in the Best Group category.

The singer said, “We put our soul on the album and didn’t feel like the story was complete yet, because we weren’t able to get it on the air yet. This award sounds like a lot of appreciation and we’re all very grateful for that.” Joshua Nollett acceptance speech. “We’re going through this, light at the end of the tunnel, love at the end of the tunnel.”

Froukje won 3FM Talent. She was awarded the award by one of her predecessors, the Kensington Band. According to voters, the best artist was Eefje de Visser.

Fast and Maan got their number Stay asleep The award is in the best collaboration category.

Field laboratory

The show was held in Tivolefriedenburg in Utrecht and was one of the pilot events on Fieldlab with the audience. A thousand people were allowed in, and they first had to take an aura test.

There have been shows by Son Mieux and The Vices. There have also been previously recorded shows, by Chef’Special awardees with Metropole Orkest, Froukje, Di-rect, Krezip and Nana Adjoa.

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