Chess player Jerry celebrates a “historic moment” by defeating Carslin

It was only the second time in his chess career that the best chess player in the Netherlands beat the best chess player in the world in a classic game. “This is definitely my biggest win ever,” said Jerry. “The first time I won against him was 12 years ago. I was 16, still a kid, and I was lucky he missed it. That win made a big impact at the time, but this victory is even better. I have won the fair fight by playing well. In retrospect, I dare say, I made great choices at the start of the game.”

Jerry would like to win Tata Steel chess. The 28-year-old grandmaster has approached several times, but has yet to succeed. This was partly due to Carlsen, who had already won “Chess Wimbledon” eight times and often bested Jerry. But in the fourth round of the 85th edition of the International Chess Championship in Wijk aan Zee, the roles were reversed. . I usually fail with him and thought the odds were pretty good that I would do it again. But Magnus played with a lot of risk. He somehow missed the “Magnus Effect”, missed work and found it weaker than I expected. It gave me confidence.”

After 35 moves the Norwegian, who has led the world rankings for many years and has been world champion since 2013, gave up. “Of course I always had to say that I hadn’t beaten him since that time, when I was 16. I always thought a second victory should come. I just hoped Isn’t it too late for my 50 to happen. I’m really happy with this win, but there’s no time to celebrate. This tournament is very crowded, all the players are preparing well, and I can’t relax even for a moment.”

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