Chess player Warmerdam in the final for the Netherlands title | 1 Limburg

Max Warmerdam will play the Dutch Chess Championship in Rotterdam this week. The chess player from Tegelen competes with three other chess players in the final.

The title fight will be played in tournament format. In addition to the Warmerdam, Hing Ting, Robin Swinkels and Roeland Pruijssers also have a title chance.

Chess players who have been placed in the preliminary round play a double camp from the fourth round for the national title. The first matches started last Saturday. The champion will be announced on December 3, the last day of play.

The title of the great teacher
Warmerdam has had a successful year this year. The 21-year-old chess player will win the prestigious Grandmaster title in early 2021. In five international tournaments, he has achieved the highest rank each time. This week he is taking a shot at the Dutch title at the senior. Warmerdam was the Dutch youth champion several times in his career.

strong development
Chess journalist Frank Clevers saw Wormerdam making strides recently: “You see such strong development in recent years that you know he should become a great master someday.”

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His father is an inspiration
Warmerdam began playing chess at the age of five. He learned the basic rules from his father, who is also a big fan of chess. At the age of seven, Warmerdam became a member of the Tegelse SV Chess Club. A few years later he also decided to become a member of the Venlo Chess Club. All with only one goal: to achieve the highest possible level as a chess player. From the age of twelve, Warmerdam took chess seriously and began to spend more and more time playing and analyzing games.

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Third President of Limburg
After Paul van der Sterren and Martijn Dambacher, Warmerdam is the third Limburger team to win the Grandmaster title.

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