Chet Creek wins again –

While the Canadian comedy series Schitt’s Creek failed to make money from its five previously received nominations, the show was again awarded some awards. Netflix, a popular US series, won Best Comedy TV Series. Actress Catherine O’Hara, who plays the title, won Best TV Series. This is various reports.

The actress beat her classmates Lily Collins (Emily in Paris), Kaley Cuoco (Flight Attendant), Elle Fanning (The Great) and Jane Levy (Zoe’s Unusual Playlist). O’Hara has been seen in several TV series and movies since 1975 and is best known as Kate McAllister, mother of baby Kevin from Home Alone movies 1 and 2. In Schitt’s Creek, she plays Moira Rose, an eccentric former soap opera star who ends up with her family in a small village after going bankrupt. the family. Her personality has become a cult figure thanks to Moira’s plush outfits and the special accent she speaks.

In the Netherlands, Schitt’s Creek is not yet available on Netflix, despite the fact that many fan groups have requested it online. Last year, the series garnered no fewer than six Emmy Awards, making it the biggest Emmy award winner.

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