Childcare is an art: new nurseries in Zwijnaarde move from containers to a new creative space | Ghent

InterestingParty on the Hutsepotstraat in Zwijnaarde: where the new buildings of the day-care center De Boekenmolen are christened. 28 kids can grow up and play in the bright new spaces. Three new special friends can be found in the garden.

Large windows, spacious kitchens, rest areas and a book corner: De Boekenmolen’s new premises are a dream for parents and children. The 28 children, two more than before, who are being cared for by the daycare center, stroll happily through the festivities. A few weeks ago they moved out of the containers that had been in service for six years, and now the official opening has followed. In the meantime, a complete new primary school will be built on the former site, an extension of the existing kindergarten. So if all goes well, children only have to cross the street once when they are 2.5 years old.

The excitement among new friends, local council member Hafsa El-Bazwi immediately sets a good example. © svg

According to Alderman for Education, Evita Willaert (Groen) and fellow party member Hafsa Elbazoy, who immediately dove into the garden with the little ones, the youngest would have a great time here. “The addition of two reception spots is a nice bonus, but it’s a drop in the ocean,” Willart said. “The Flemish government is now rightly focusing on the quality of care, but we should not forget that this does not solve the problem of staff shortages.” Al-Bazwi, a member of the Board of Directors of Facilities Management, can look back on the new building with satisfaction. “The heat pump, green roof, façade made of insulation and brick sidings ensure a very low energy bill.”

But, let’s be honest, the kids were especially fascinated by their new classmates in the garden. There are two big “curvy friends” outside, one of which lives inside and can be moved around. They are designs by Ghent design studio Toykyo and the intention is to reach children. Climbing, feeling, searching for a name for it: it’s all part of it. The children of the nearby elementary school took this very seriously: the three are called Hubby, Chubby, and Flubby.

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