Children’s ombudsman wants to criminalize bullying in the future | interior

Bullying is not currently punishable, but bullies can be prosecuted if they commit criminal offenses. “Maybe the bullying protocols are not enough and you have to go to the criminalization of bullying,” Kalverbur says in an AD interview. “This in itself is not an approach to the phenomenon, but then it shows how serious this misbehavior is. Because the consequences of bullying are life-size.”

She points out that bullying is often underestimated and that this phenomenon is underestimated. The victim is then told, “This makes you difficult.” But when you talk to adults who went through such a terrible thing in their youth, they carry with them its traces for the rest of their lives.”

Unfortunately, children are the experts.

Calverbur invites children who are being bullied to complete an online questionnaire on the Children’s Ombudsman’s website, as her position is officially called. This way, you want to gain more insight into the causes, impact, and approach of bullying. “Unfortunately, kids are the experts by experience when it comes to bullying,” Calverbur told the newspaper. We need to hear their opinion and see them. Because when I talk to adults, mostly drivers, they tend to downplay the problem. Children can ruthlessly reveal how they are victims, despite rules and protocols.”

Each year, the Children’s Ombudsman receives about 2,000 reports and complaints on matters relating to children, which can be read on the website. This also includes reports on bullying and how to deal with it. The tip of the iceberg, according to the site, because about 350,000 children are bullied every year. They are often underestimated, not recognized or acknowledged at all, and not always addressed.

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