China also wants a global satellite network

China plans to launch a network of at least 13,000 broadband internet satellites around the world.

It looks like a copy of the Starlink subsidiary of SpaceX, which is used by the Chinese to announce. The frequency spectrum was already requested by the International Telecommunication Union last year. This is an international telecommunication organization, in which China worked in the meantime heavy lobby she has. The China Satellite Network Group was recently announced to be established as a network builder and operator.

Thousands of satellites enter low Earth orbit. It moves at an altitude of 500-1145 kilometers like a universal blanket.

The broadband satellite company will be located in Baoding District, Hebei Province.

The new director of the Austrian European Space Agency Josef Schbacher Calls on the member states of the European Union To form a quick vision of the desired future position of Europe in the world of space and business. If they don’t, America and China will eat them off the grid.

Starlink has about 15,000 satellites in space broadcasting over the broadband Internet. Elon Musk’s company already sells subscriptions in the Netherlands, too.

picture: Gary wish (Copy)

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