China has discovered a lot of uranium at ‘impossible’ depths

Nuclear officials in China have discovered so much uranium that national reserves have increased tenfold at once.

At about 3,000 meters underground, China’s National Atomic Energy Agency (CNNC) has discovered the largest amount of uranium. The country currently has about 200,000 tons of radioactive metal, and with the discovery that reserve will rise to 2 million tons. It is similar to Australia, the country with the largest reserves at present.

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Named for Uranium Search Deep Resources Exploration and Mining (Dream) And uranium, part of the CNNC, conducted by the Beijing Research Institute of Geology. Scientists have used many new techniques to find the precious metal. Uranium generates heat, and its traces are detected by a sensor that can easily detect even small changes in temperature. After they discovered the uranium, they took small samples of the uranium with a special drill that could go to greater depths.

Uranium In China

Uranium is generally thought to have accumulated in shallow places in geophysically stable regions, but China has been discovering it elsewhere for some time now. That is, areas where tectonic plates have undergone major changes, so they are not stable. The country also has deposits of more than 1500 meters deep; It is no longer superficial. But at a depth of 3000 meters the colossal new discovery is unique. According to Li Jing, director of the Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology, the discovery will change current ideas about uranium formation.

Uranium can be used for all kinds of purposes. For example, it can be used in nuclear weapons or to generate energy. The importance of uranium is increasing, especially now in the Netherlands where we are trying to be less dependent on Russian gas.

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proof’s: Interesting engineeringWorld Atomic Energy Association

Image: US Government, Wikimedia Commons

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