China imposes sanctions on Pelosi against Taiwan and joint ambassadors | Currently

China imposes sanctions on Nancy Pelosi for her visit to Taiwan this week. The Chinese Foreign Ministry again described the visit as provocative on Friday. China and the United States recalled each other ambassadors.

“Despite China’s objections, Ms. Pelosi has insisted on visiting Taiwan, interfering in its internal affairs and undermining China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the ministry said in a statement. Advertising.

It is not yet clear what personal penalties will be imposed on Pelosi. It is possible that the speaker of the US House of Representatives is no longer welcome in China and no longer allowed to travel through Chinese airspace. The procedures also apply to her immediate family.

In addition to personal sanctions against Pelosi and her immediate family, China is also suspending talks with the United States. For example, at the moment, there will be no more talk of cooperation in the field of military affairs, maritime safety and climate.

Washington summoned the Chinese ambassador to discuss China’s response to Pelosi’s visit. Beijing had earlier summoned US Ambassador Nicholas Burns.

On Friday, the ambassadors of Canada and Japan in China had to explain the G7 statement. The organization condemned the “increasing tension” as a result of Chinese military exercises.

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