China says the New Zealand prime minister’s view of stability is “wrong.”

Artern said in Madrid on Wednesday that China “has recently been very firm and ready to question international rules and standards.”

“We take note of the New Zealand side’s comments during the NATO meeting, which contain some false allegations against China,” a diplomatic spokesman said in a statement on his website on Thursday. “That accusation is false, and therefore regrettable.”

“Clearly, such an opinion is not conducive to deepening mutual trust between the two countries,” the statement said.

New Zealand, which relies heavily on China for its trade, has largely shunned direct criticism of Beijing.

However, following the recent signing of a security agreement between China and the nearby Solomon Islands, it has taken a tougher stance on both Beijing’s growing reserves and security in the South Pacific.

The embassy report also echoed Ordner’s comments on attempts to destabilize and destabilize the Pacific, saying the escalation of tensions in the Pacific could not have been “caused by China’s cooperation with its island partners to promote sustainable development.”

The report added that the cooperation had nothing to do with the militarization of the region. “If there is militarization in the South Pacific, it will be clear to everyone who and what is triggering those tensions.”

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