China unveils amazing plan in space for solar energy 2.0

China is thinking big and has come up with a plan to provide people on earth with solar energy: solar panels in space.

That would be more efficient than solar panels on the Earth’s surface. They only generate solar energy when the sun is shining. So at night and on cloudy days there is no return.

24/7 solar power generation using solar panels in space

So you don’t have this problem in space. Space solar panels can sunbathe unimpeded 24/7, thus maximizing efficiency. according to Bloomberg he goes Longi Green Energy TechnologyLtd., located in Xi’an, China, has set up this project. By sending photovoltaic cells into space, the Chinese company aims to collect electricity throughout the day.

head China Space CorporationWu Zhijian says his plans align well with a broader partnership with China’s space program. In addition, the project will bring humanity as a whole one step closer to harvesting energy outside our planet.

Solar energy in microwave radiation on the Earth’s surface

The plans are already very concrete and a successful model for transmitting solar energy into space has already been built. A team from Xidian University has found a way to capture sunlight high above the Earth’s surface and convert it into microwave radiation. These rays are then sent to receivers on the Earth’s surface.

The outbreak of the space race between China and America

So China is making great progress in space and wants to carry out several moon missions in the coming years in addition to solar panels. It is no coincidence that the Americans also suddenly had a renewed interest in space exploration and created an entirely new space program (Artemis), which even includes a permanent lunar base. What little competition can’t do for technological advancements.

The idea of ​​solar panels in space isn’t new, by the way. In 2013, the US California Institute of Technology (Caltech) received a grant to launch such a solar space program. It is also said that Japan, India and Russia are working on similar projects.

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China unveils concrete plan in space for 24/7 solar power

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