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Chinese drone maker DJI has been added to the “blacklist” by the US Department of Commerce, making trading with US companies even more difficult. That reports DroneDJ After a press conference for the ministry.

This is the US Department of the Entity List. The companies on this list, according to the United States, are potential risks that cannot be traded as such. The new version of the company’s listing will be announced on December 20.

The Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei was previously added to the Entity List. Since then, this company is no longer allowed to use the full version of the Android operating system, and access to its American technology chips is also prohibited.

According to the ministry, DJI has been added for human rights violations. No examples have been provided, but the company’s drones may have been used to observe the trial of Uyghurs, for example.

The addition will no longer allow DJI to use technology from US companies, but the exact consequences of that are not yet clear. The company has yet to share any parts of its drones and other tools that were made with the Americans.

Also the consequences in the Netherlands

The decision also affects devices sold in the Netherlands and other countries. It happened earlier in Huawei, whose phones also have to use the appropriate software in our country.

In addition to DJI, SMIC has added the chip manufacturer to the list. This company makes parts on behalf of major processor manufacturers such as Qualcomm and Broadcom.

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