Chores and Dabrowski lose the Madrid Open | Final 1st Limburg

Demi Shores and Gabriela Dabrowski failed to win the final of the WTA Championship in Madrid. They lost 4-6 3-6 to Barbora Kryzhikova and Katrina Senyakova in the final battle.

The Maastricht-based tennis player and her Canadian partner got off to a good start in the women’s doubles final on dirt courts from Barque Manzanares, leading 2-0, but then lost their services.

The first group
The duo returned from Latvia and Russia, tied and led 3-5. Schuurs and Dabrowski returned to 4-5, but had to let the group win 4-6 for their opponent.

the second group
Schorz and Dabrovsky won the first point in the second set, but the next two points were for Kryjikova and Katrina Senyakova. The Dutch-Canadian duo drew 3-2, but were unable to win a round after that. After an hour and a quarter the battle was over.

the Olympics
Demi Shores played at the Madrid Open with Gabriela Dabrowski because her usual doubles partner Nicole Meleshar had to compete in a tournament in the United States in order to comply with the rules for getting a ticket to the Olympics.

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