Chris Froome knocking on the car door: “Use the Dutch extension!”

The four-time tour winner said he was “obsessed”. “That means, when I was driving there, someone in a car parked in front of me opened the door. It happened literally one meter ahead of me, and I couldn’t even brake anymore. I hit the door and flew over it.”

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The 37-year-old racer urges people to use a “Dutch fist” when opening a car door to avoid injuries to passing cyclists.

In the Netherlands, during driving lessons, you learn to open the door with your right hand, while you look in the mirror and hold the door with your left hand. By opening the door with your “wrong” hand, you automatically turn your body, giving you a better view of traffic and preventing a passing cyclist from breaking into the door.

For Froome, it’s clear: “Use the ‘Dutch stretch’, it helps tremendously and causes us a lot less pain for cyclists. And it’s very easy.”

In the UK, the use of the Dutch fist has become officially mandatory since this year. A motorist who causes injury to his gatekeeper can be fined £1,000 (€1,200) if it turns out that the Dutch extension has not been used..

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