Christian Horner on Credibility: “Problems Overcame”

Red Bull’s top scorer Christian Horner believes that after a strong game in Imola, the Austrian team has shown that credibility issues are a thing of the past.

The Milton Keynes team travels to Miami for a flawless racing weekend in Italy. Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez were able to collect no less than 57 of the 58 points available, and this was a welcome boost for the Austrian team after a difficult start to the season. The current world champion is pleased that he now has a chance to defend his world title.

‘Never Say No’

Horner is confident that reliability issues will not recur. “The problem we have in Australia is different from the problem we have in Bahrain. Never say, but it is [weekend in Imola] It’s clear that we have succeeded in tackling Australia’s problem, “said the captain, who is relieved.

‘Super Cool’

Fortunately it is racing week again, meaning the Grand Prix is ​​scheduled for next Sunday. Miami’s brand new street round is the setting for the fifth round of the World Championships. “Miami would be super cool,” Horner predicts. Says there is something in the air. “There’s a real excitement around Miami. I’m never seen so much demand for a race. There is a waiting list of hundreds of thousands of people who want to buy tickets, but can not enter,” he explains. So Horner expects the scene: “I think there will be good races, and it’s nice to see cars in Miami.”

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