Chromebooks Tour – Conclusion – Tweakers

I can already see people here expecting XPS quality from budget convertible Chromebooks. Yes, companies can make a €800 Chromebook (also available, from Samsung I think), but then you miss the whole point of the Chromebook.
storage eg; What’s the use of lots of storage on a Chromebook? The whole idea is to do everything inside Chrome and use cloud storage.
or color spectrum. As long as you have some decent IPS panel, I doubt anyone would complain about the picture quality if you watched a bit of YouTube and Netflix.

In 2022, what I think is almost the most important thing about a Chromebook is the SoC. Given today’s 7 year updates, you, as the target group of Chromebooks, also want that Chromebook to remain usable for those 7 years. You can buy a deceptive Chromebook with nice colors, nice screen, good build quality and plenty of storage, but if in 3 years it’s been so slow that you can’t watch 1080p 60fps video on YouTube anymore, it ruins the whole point of this one – updates long.

I recently bought a Chromebook to work on Google Docs on the train. Acer model with N4120 SoC, 15.6-inch IPS screen for 182.50 euros. It’s good, and “good enough” for some browsing for the next 5-7 years.

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