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Two other Catholic churches in Canada were burned down this weekend. There is believed to be a link between the fires and the discovery of the remains of more than 900 Aboriginal children around former Catholic boarding schools.

Anne’s Church and Chewbacca Church were completely burnt down on Saturday morning. Two churches in western British Columbia caught fire in quick succession. The local police described the fires as suspicious and were considering arson. It is the second fire in Catholic churches in British Columbia in a short period of time: last Monday The churches in Oliver and Penticton were completely burned. The churches were all in the indigenous lands.

The fires may be linked to recent horrific discoveries in the North American country. On the grounds of a former Catholic boarding school, remains of 751 of the original children Discover. This was the second discovery of an unidentified mass grave in a short time: last month the remains 215 children I found him.

In the 1990s, Aboriginal children in Canada were sent to boarding schools to assimilate the dominant white culture. They were forbidden to speak their own language. The living conditions in these schools were very poor. Sexual assault and abuse were not exceptional. Several students were reported missing at the time. Many of these boarding schools were run by the Catholic Church.

cultural genocide

The discoveries sent shock waves across Canada. “It’s an embarrassing reminder of the systemic racism, discrimination and injustice that indigenous peoples have had and continue to suffer,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a statement. A national commission of inquiry talks about “cultural genocide”.

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In light of this, the recent church fires do not appear to be a coincidence. Two previous church fires broke out on National Aboriginal Day.

It also assumes local foreman Keith Crowe intent. In the average Canadian He leaves “that there must be more going on here”. Crowe laments the fires: “Nothing positive will come of this.” Another Aboriginal leader, Stuart Phillip, expressed mixed feelings about the fires: “People here have a deep hatred of the Catholic Church because of their boarding school experience.”

Police investigations into the church fires are still ongoing. No arrests have been made yet.

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