Ciprano Pique has been arrested as a lockdown felon

Ciprano Pique has been arrested as a lockdown felon
Archives: Ciprano Pique with police upon release from previous detention.

Activist Ciprano Pique (archive) was arrested in Suriname last night. Various Surinamese media claim he violated lockdown rules. Presumably, he was transferred to the police academy, where he had to spend the night.

Pique is known for his opposition to lockdowns in Suriname. It was only yesterday that he expressed his dissatisfaction with the measures taken in Suriname. He said about it “We have to fight for our freedom. The lockdown is not paying off, the lockdown is destroying the economy, our way of life and our freedom. We will fight for our freedom. Enough is enough!

At the end of this week, there is talk again of the total lockdown that started on Friday evening and continued until 05:00 on Monday.

Update: According to Ciprano, he will have a letter of approval allowing him to go outside during the lockdown. He just posted this message online:

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