City council wants more space for Zwolle’s botanical gardens

Zwolle – On the evening of Monday, January 18th, the city council decided to pay more attention to vegetable growing. There are currently waiting lists for botanical gardens. Personalization pools are very popular. The CU, CDA, and Groen Links submitted a proposal to investigate how much Zwolle residents need a botanical garden, and where there is room for this in the city. This proposal was passed unanimously.

According to these parties, growing vegetables has a positive effect on people’s well-being and health. This is partly due to vegetable cultivation and availability. The physical exertion required by vegetable gardening and at the same time the relaxation involved in it is also beneficial to the gardener. Additionally, growing vegetables has a social impact. Contacting the allowances contributes to preventing loneliness.

Vegetable gardening also has a positive impact on biodiversity. Plants and flowers are a good environment for insects and animals. Growing vegetables will also have a positive effect on climate adaptation. In the case of creating a vegetable garden, there is no sidewalk to prevent heat stress.

The approved proposal requires the executive authority in the municipality to provide more wasteland in the municipality to grow vegetables. These vegetable gardens should be affordable. The council also wants to provide new land (temporarily) until the investigation.

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