City Lab RAUM provides a space for city contemplation

Photo: Ossip Architecture

Is there a place in the city where we don’t have to do anything and can think about in life? What does that place look like? Do we prefer to be alone or together? These are the questions where stadslab space In Utrecht under the name WinterSense with general search. Starting Friday, November 19, you’ll find special art installations from We Make Carpets, workshops and performances on the topic of reflection on Berlin Square.

Thinking is valuable to all of us. Promotes mental health and strengthens the bond between city dwellers and their environment. But what exactly is it? Reflection means something different to everyone. One goes to a house of worship, the other takes yoga lessons. But you can also think during a good conversation with friends. With WinterSense, the RAUM City Lab investigates the need and possibilities for city thinking.
This winter, the Berlin plaza will turn into a contemporary place to think especially at WinterSense. Throughout the winter, you will find a spatial installation designed by a group of designers on Berlin Square We make carpets. Here you will find space to stand, think and dream. Additionally, there are several programs during WinterSense that are all about thinking; From stopping in at a meditation workshop or moving around during an evening of dance. During WinterSense, you’ll discover what reflection means to you and others in the city. The full program can be found on the RAUM website from November 2.
Moreover Los Angeles studio (Architects Lorien Beijaert and Arna Mačkić) join WinterSense in this first edition to ask the audience where they dream of thinking about the city. The results of this search are the basis for the spatial installation of WinterSense 2022. WinterSense runs from 2021 to 2024.

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