Class letters rained down on the emine club. The club from Drenthe is still in talks with the three

FC Emmen officially canceled the contracts of twelve players, including that of captain Jeroen Veldmate. On the other hand, the Drenthe football club committed, among others, Gary Flack and Ahmed Messaoudi for a longer term.

The other players who have received a letter of resignation are Jeff Hardeveld, Richero Zivkovic, Jasine Amine-Achnon, Ben Schulte, Danny Hussen, Azzedine Tufeki, Arnaud Loziadeu, Mart Lieder, Mickey van der Hart, Mithane Guccello and Lentini Casiano. On the other hand, options were exercised in the contracts of Gary Flack (2025), Ahmed Al-Masoudi (2024), and Kian Van Dorp (2024). So they stay longer for the club.

“Maybe it’s still around the table.”

Talks are still ongoing with Ole Romeny and Keziah Veendorp about a new contract. The club says Julius Dirksen’s long stay is almost settled. Despite his inconsistent performances, the defender is seen as a talent. The experienced Lorenzo Burnett has another option on his expiring contract, which will be automatically lifted upon reaching sixteen matches in which he has played at least 45 minutes.

Technical director Mike Willems, who, along with interim financial director Jeroen Jessen, is temporarily taking over the duties of club president Ronald Lubbers, who is absent for health reasons, says that the dismissal letters received by the twelve players do not necessarily mean that they will not be with them next year. They play FC Emmen. “Maybe we will discuss a new contract with some of the players.”

By level

According to the guidelines for contract players, FC Emmen is obliged to indicate annually before 1 April to players whose contract has expired whether the club wants to continue with them for a longer period. This is a formal process that prevents contracts from being automatically extended for another year on the same terms. Talking to the players depends, among other things, on the level at which FC Emmen is active next season.

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FC Emmen is currently 16th in the standings, which is good for a place in the play-offs for promotion/relegation at the end of the season. With eight games to go, many scenarios are still on the table. As long as it is not clear whether the club will still have to compete in the top flight next year, it will be difficult to make choices given the different financial pictures involved.

team for next season

The rented players, Marc Demers (Feyenoord), Mohamed Bouchaouari (Anderlecht) and Jeremy Antunes (PSV), will return to the club where they are under contract after this season. As it stands now, the selection of FC Emmen next season will in any case consist of the following players: Jary Flack, Oussama Messaoudi, Kian van Dorp, Erik Oelschlagl, Miguel Araujo, Mikel Kieftenbeld, Rui Mendes, Lucas Bernado, Michel Helen. and Dennis Foss, Mike T. Werick, and Osama Darfalo.

It is not inconceivable that Miguel Araujo should disappear from that list. The Peruvian has long been of interest to clubs from as far away as the US, Japan and China, and with his annual salary of close to half a million euros, he is an extravagant force for the club. This money could be used (in part) for other things, such as acquiring one or more replacements, investing in facilities, and professionalizing the youth academy.

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