Class Operation Cyberbank 2077 Publisher Blames False Investors

Claus Action Case Cyberbunk 2077 Publisher Interpretation of Article on False and False Investors

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Then Cyberpunk 2077 Introduced to the world and extinguished the trash fire of rage and frustration, the clock begins to tick. Many wondered when that anger would emerge as a case in point Take the game publisher CD Project to Red Court. It happened on Christmas Eve.

Thursday, Rosen Law Firm A filing The case for class action In Central California District Court On behalf of investor Andrew Trombay and others who purchased CDPR securitiesFor example, stock—This year from January 16th to December 17th. Company, Joint CEO Adam Kishinsky, CFO Pyotr Nilubovich, And Business Development Vice President Mikhail Novakovsky are all named as defendants. The company is accused of deliberately omitting information, lying about the game’s development or acting “irresponsibly ignoring the truth”, which in turn raised the market price of those bonds.

When the game finally started on December 10th all these kinds of lies came to light. Over the next few days, players began to realize that it was the game they had been waiting for years Basically impossible to play, The company’s stock plummeted. As of this week, CDPR shares have fallen 42% since the close of December 4 Barons.

The aftermath of this catastrophe ultimately hurt CDPR’s investors, Rosen Law Firm argues.

“If the plaintiff and other members of the class knew what the market price was […] Raised artificially and falsely by false statements of the company and individual defendants […], They would not have bought the bonds they made at artificially inflated prices, or not, ”the company wrote Court filing.

This case includes a long list of reports on the development and release of the game It is so bad to know what we know now. According to the lawsuit, the lies began on January 16, when CDPR issued a statement Cyberpunk 2077 “Complete and executable.” However, the release date will be changed from April 17 to September 7, as the company “needed more time to complete the playstesting, adjusting and polishing.”

This is the first of several delays announced by the company. On Sept. 4, the lawsuit cited a conference call in which Kissinsky said it was preparing to receive final certification and that it was “very close.” In that call, Kissinski said the company planned to launch the game on November 19 – another delay.

“[T]His current version will be released in November and will run from the beginning when the next gen consoles are released, ”Kissinski said. “[Y]The first gen version can be run from the first day of the first gen. ”

Again, he was wrong.

Backwards, probably bizarre announcements The call came on November 25th. Per case, wThere are two weeks to go until the release of the game, Kissinski said the company believes “the game works better on every platform.” When asked about the bugs, Kishinsky admitted that there were some, but they were enough to keep them from being noticed by the players.

As we all know, Kisinsky would end up wrong again – it went home on a conference call the next day. Cyberpunk 2077Kissinski said the current generation console versions of the game are below the company’s expectations.

“After 3 delays, as the board of directors we focused more on releasing the game. We underestimated the magnitude and problem of the issues,” Kissinski said. அங்கி. “This is the wrong approach and against our business philosophy.”

D.He class action, which may have hundreds or thousands of affected parties in the case states, Not yet certified, Rosen Law Firm a News release. The company asks the court to approve the class action and to contact those interested in joining it.

Kismoto has approached CDPR and Rosen Law Firm For comment on the case. We will make sure to update this post if we ask again.

Since its release, Cyberpunk 2077 And CDPR fall from grace. Sony Pulled the game Refunds in full to anyone who purchases it from its online store and through its store. Microsoft Refunds Its own. CDPR has apologized and said it will come out and do it Withdrawal Unhappy players. Paradoxically, CDPR has returned to its old habits, promising quick fixes and improvements to its revised product by a certain date.

“[W]It will fix bugs and malfunctions and improve the overall experience, ”the company said Twitter Reported on December 14th. “First round updates have now been released and the next one is coming in the next 7 days. We can expect more as we updateSearch often when new upgrades are ready. After the holidays, we will continue to work on starting with Patch # 1 and releasing two major patches in January. This will be followed by Patch # 2 in February. ”

From that statement, the company is Publishes edits. Still, there is still time Left before the release of Patch # 1 and Patch # 2. Let’s see if the company keeps its word this time.

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