Claudia de Brig misses the tension she feels before her performance | Currently

Claudia de Brig misses feeling the stress she was in before hitting the stage in the theater. In conversation with ad She says she is now looking for this tension in her show Cave Safe.

In this program, De Breij receives guests into her studio with whom she has to compose a song within 45 minutes. “The crazy thing is that we play better when something is at stake,” says the comedian and singer. “You might be thinking: Make music with friends on Thursday night and that’s cool, but I need some pressure. There will be an album or a program.”

De Brig compares working under pressure to performing in theater. “Just give me the excitement at that moment when it has to happen, I miss it so much now because I’m not in the theater. I miss the excitement at eight in the evening, and it’s usually the time I go overboard. Now it’s only 8 PM the news and nothing else.”

De Brig explains that the 45 minutes she has with the musicians starts after playing a song the two of them know together. “You have to communicate when you play music together. It’s a bit like showing your underwear to each other.”

the program Cave Safe She can be seen Friday evening at BNNVARA on NPO3 at 10.25pm. An album with session recordings is supposed to be released in April.

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