“Cleaning Successfully” workshop at Stadsplein . Library

amstelvin In collaboration with the Amstelland Library, professional organizer Sanne Bender for “Happiness in Order” will present the “Successful Organizing This Way” workshop on Friday, March 4th at 10:00 AM at Stadsplein Library. The arrangement coach workshop is for anyone who yearns for more peace, space and overview, at home or in the workplace at home and therefore in the head. Think of a house without items that cannot be found and without piles to sort through again.

“If you have a lot of things in the house that are also not adequately organized, you can see them as mountains to deal with and experience a lot of turmoil,” Sanne Bender says. “During the two-hour workshop, you will learn the practical principles of cleaning and making decisions about your belongings. You will receive information on how to handle tidying in a way that is easy for you. You will also learn how to easily decide what to keep and what not to keep, and if you keep something, how Do it easily.”

Participants can also ask her questions. The workshop should inspire participants to start at home afterwards and to have more peace and space in the home or workplace at home. Sani Bandar works with her company happy in order In the regions of Amstland, Merlanden and Ronde Fenen. It helps people who struggle with a lot of things and little space or time at home or at their workplace.

Anton Forne of the Amstelland Library is pleased that Sanne Bender will also present the workshop in Amstelveen, as a follow-up to the well-received workshop at the library’s branch in Aalsmeer. “Her workshop fits in well with our personal development activities.”

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Interested parties can register via Library website

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