Cleo (4) is now missing for 12 days: detectives at parental home, no hack | Abroad

The parents’ home in Carnarvon has been searched for a second time, according to Australian media, but according to police, this is a standard procedure. The police also confirm that there are no suspicions against mother Ellie and her stepfather Jake. Other media claim that a third search has been conducted.

Television pictures show how not only the house was searched, but also traces from the outside were found. For example, investigators searched for fingerprints. The police still take into account that the girl was kidnapped and that she could have been observed in her home. The house is 70 kilometers from the camp where Cleo disappeared.


Meanwhile, through crowdfunding that began on October 16, more than 80 thousand Australian dollars Raised to support the search for Cleo Malia. It is not yet clear how the money will be spent.

Cleo disappeared from her parents’ tent in a remote camp in far western Australia nearly two weeks ago on a Friday night to Saturday. The parents discovered in the morning that the tent’s zipper was open. The girl and her sleeping bag were gone. Since then, the parents have made several emotional calls to search for Cleo.

Federal Police

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the Federal Police had now joined the search. Authorities hope that additional use of “high-tech” investigative resources will lead to a breakthrough. In the interest of the study, what those techniques are is not explained in more detail.

Police are calling on local residents to share as many surveillance footage as possible. Investigators hope to find photos of a car said to have driven away late at night with squeaking tires. The investigation of the other camp guests was now complete: it would not have resulted in any suspect(s). Motorists who have been in the area at night from Friday to Saturday are called to attend. The police are hoping that the dashcam pictures will yield something.

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“Bounty hunters”

A few days after the disappearance, the police announced that the gold rim was worth $1 million. This has drawn many so-called “bounty hunters” to the area: private investigators are looking for Cleo and are hoping to collect a big bounty. These procedures have not yet resulted in any progress in the case.

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