Cleopatra was not a black woman.

We notice another cross-traffic incident because on which side does WOKE take: the black woman or the Arab Muslim? A pretty weird trailer anyway, especially the one below: “I remember my grandmother saying to me, “I don’t care what they tell you at school, Cleopatra was blackWell, it’s not like they let it be so subtle and implied, is it. And what Jada Pinkett Smith.”gesture For the centuries-old conversation about the ruler’s raceIt looks more like a nod to us.

But now one complains Egyptian lawyer So Netflix is ​​trying to stop the show from being broadcasted in Egypt. Egyptian experts insist that Cleopatra “Belonging to a Greek-speaking lineage, he was of European descent, not blackOther experts again claim that while her father was undoubtedly a Greek Macedonian, her mother’s ethnicity is unknown and she maybe Sub-Saharan Africa.

The funny thing is; The actress Adele James who plays Cleopatra is herself of mixed ancestry, but commentators on the series insist she was black. In short, it is very expensive We are Wuz Kingz this.

“Grandma: I don’t care what they tell you at school, Cleopatra was black.”

It almost looks!

Actress Adele James replies



Yes, *no* it stands out



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