Cleveland Indians drop their name, are Texas Rangers next?

The Cleveland Indians announced on Sunday night that they would drop the “Indians” nickname and rename their team DPT. Earlier this year, the formerly named Washington Redskins dropped the “Redskins” team name, at least for the 2020 season as the Washington Football Team. Now, this is not the first time teams have changed their name. According to a recent article by Jeff Bason, In the mid-1970s, many colleges changed the nicknames of Native American culture. Although it is a coincidence that Cleveland (MLP) and Washington (NFL) are 85-100 years old organizations, they are now changing their names, documenting that this has nothing to do with the political correctness we experience daily in 2020. . Is that so?

The name of the Rangers team does not fit right into American history, but as far as Native American culture is concerned, it is brushed back compared to the Redskins, Indians and Blackhawks. The Texas Rangers was founded in 1823 by “Father of Texas” Stephen F. Is a law enforcement division created by Austin. The Rangers’ vow to protect the Texas colony from Native Americans significantly affected the 1836 Texas Revolution. Now, I’m not a history professor, and I’m asking you to gather more information in your public library or you’re getting historical information. However, in history the Texas Rangers have had no sympathy for Native American culture in the past. The question is, is it disgusting?

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There is a difference between an attack on culture and a bad influence on culture. For me, deleting the Texas Rangers name is unnecessary. As soon as Washington dropped the Redskins name, calls went out to each league for names like Chiefs, Braves, Blackhawks, etc. Yes, the Rangers were dropped. However, isn’t that like dropping a piece of history? The statues have been removed, but again, it’s like pulling a piece of history out of America.

You can’t pretend these things don’t happen, especially if you’re a fan who supports your team. If you cheer Los Angeles Angels, does every Angels fan believe that there are Angels? What about Milwaukee Brewers? Can a non-drinker support Brewers? Yes, this sounds silly, but the point is, some group names refer to a place or history. As for the Texas Rangers, the Texas Rangers military team represents a unique part of Texas history.

Now, the Cleveland Indians are the only professional team in line to have their name removed. There was controversy in June about the Rangers changing their name. However, the group declined to issue a statement saying, “We may have originally taken our name from law enforcement. Since 1971, the Texas Rangers Baseball Club has developed its own, independent identity.” “Texas Rangers Baseball Club stands for Equality. We condemn racism, bigotry and discrimination in all its forms. ”

While these name changes have occurred over the past forty to fifty years, it is head-scratching for two professional teams to announce changes in the same year. It is scratching the head to think that the abolition of culture has nothing to do with the political correctness of 2020. My question to those who have not seen the coincidence is, “How can it take 80-100 years to state a problem and fix it in the same year?” I feel like the team name changes are starting now.

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If the Rangers had to change their name, here is a list of some of the names I brought. I hope you all hate it:

  1. Texas Lonestars (Yes, I know we already have Dallas stars)
  2. Texas Cowboys (Dislike)
  3. Dallas Desperados (Old 2002 Arena football team and cowboys playing in Arlington)
  4. Texas Captors (One of my favorites)
  5. No Texas names (The country looks west, doesn’t it?)


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