Clip-Primure: My Parade (Graham Candy) en MOGUAI – A Little Hope

The new clip of My Parade (Graham Candy) and Moguwai has the most fantastic scoop on the magazine today. ‘Little Hope’ is over today and of course you will see it here for the first time. You may remember MOGUAI from ‘Beatbox’, he’s Dial M for Moguai, My Parade is a new collaboration between Derek Ullanboom and Graham Candy.

Andre Dezeller (MOGUAI) released his first mini album ‘Best Before End’ in 1994, after which he called Dial M for Moguai.Beatbox‘Published. The win was the first tool to top the German rankings for 10 weeks. Mogui then collaborated loudly with Giorgio Mordor, Dmitry Vegas, Beyonc,, Tone, Locke, BPE, Sukapops, Britney Spears, Badboy Slim, Robin Schultz, Kelly Clarkson and Girls, but also co-starred with Dutch first-place finisher SaunderLock, and.

It’s exotic pop music on an electronic edge that combines Graham Candy’s addictive melodies and Derek Wollenboom’s instrumental wizard. They came from New Zealand and Canada and met in Berlin in 2016. Since then they have performed separately with some of Europe’s best EDM artists, including Alley Forben, Robin Schulz, Unotus and Debendt. In Winterberg, until they meet again during the White Pearl Mountain Festival.

My parade was created when Graham and Derek performed an upgraded DJ set during a blizzard on a mountain at the White Pearl Mountain Festival. Now they are ready to take their own music blizzard to the general public. My parade is the meeting of two worlds.

Both are delighted to be able to collaborate with anyone other than the famed MOGUAI (also known as the Moguai Dial M) with their latest track ‘Little Hope’. This collaboration can be seen as the largest collaboration in the EDM sector in 2021.

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The clip comes out today, of course here on MaxCine:

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