“Close” has already been sold to 100 countries

The Match Factory, which owns the international distribution rights of close Already sell deals with film distributors in a hundred regions. In Europe, the film will be shown in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Poland, Romania and Scandinavia. come more close Also in South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. Distribution rights for Lucas Donut’s second film have also been sold to the United States, United Kingdom, Turkey, Italy, Spain and Israel.

For comparison: girlThe first, Dhont, was distributed in 33 countries after winning the Caméra d’Or for Best Debut Film at the Cannes Film Festival. Khalifa won the Croisette close Last Saturday the grand prize, the second prize of the official competition. closewhich was given a standing ovation for 17 minutes, was named the Golden Palm’s top favourite, but ultimately went to sadness triangle by Robin Ostlund. close Share the Grand Prix with stars at noon by Claire Dennis.

At the will of the United States close Distributed by A24, the distributor who has made a name for himself in recent years with extensive composed films such as Midsmarbeacon And the green knight† “I have explicitly asked to participate in the negotiations, especially when it comes to large territories such as North America, the United Kingdom and Japan,” the director told this newspaper. “We have with girl Really experienced a lot, especially in North America. We sold the rights to Netflix, but at one point they wanted to re-edit the movie.”

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