Closure in Terneuzen Het Anker is devastating for vulnerable youth, but Juvent has no choice

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Until recently, eight young people with mild intellectual disabilities were cared for in these five homes in Fran லிois Listrst, Ternusen. Until they have to leave one day for the next. “I got a call from my grandson one Thursday evening,” says Frey Baker from Axel. His grandson is one of the residents of Head Anchor. “He has to pack his things and go to Middleburg. They have to go on Sunday.”

‘Juvent is not idle’

It really cut it. According to Baker, this forced relocation reverses the vulnerable process. “My grandson is a teenager and is in Juventus for a reason. He’s having trouble showing his emotions. So what can I do for him?

Alderman Sonja Suij of Terneuzen Municipality acknowledges that this is having a huge impact on young people and their families. “These are very vulnerable children, they are already having a hard time and then they are subjected to extra punishment because those children’s feelings are like that. They are being punished.”

‘Suddenly turned upside down’

Because the kids have built their lives on Jeeves-Vlanteren. “They have their family here, their friends, a job, they go to school here. That too has now suddenly turned upside down. And it’s annoying for families. Now they have to go through that tunnel twice.” Especially for distant relatives. “Suppose you live in the east of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, say: Nieuw Namen. And suppose you do not own a car. Then it’s a day trip on public transport!”

At the same time, the goal of childcare in youth care should always be reversible. “In the end, they have to come back. It may not always work, but it’s always a goal. It’s only possible if you get families involved in the process. It’s not possible now.”

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Furious parliamentary questions

If it was up to Suij, Juvent would soon reopen a spot on Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. The other Zeeland-Flemish municipalities wholeheartedly agree. Zeeland’s Member of Parliament Jacqueline van den Hill (VVD) has asked the Secretary of State for Health, Welfare and Sport questions on the issue.

Juventus interim manager Gerton Hein admits the situation is not good, but says he has no choice. With some key staff out, he could no longer guarantee security. “At one point my location manager asked me if I would like to come across a newspaper with an incident where the head anchor was closed or left out of hand. Then the choice, no matter how difficult the decision, was made quickly.”

‘Not just filling in the blanks’

According to Hein, bringing employees to Terneuzen from elsewhere is also not an option. “In such a place you have eight to ten supervisors, two of whom must be highly educated and experienced, otherwise you can not guarantee the stability of such a team. When they leave, you can not fill that gap because if I take it somewhere. Go ahead, I’ll create a problem somewhere else. “

Hein insists he and his organization have done everything they can to keep the head anchor open. “We looked at whether we could transfer our own staff to Dernius. It was not possible. We also failed to hire outsiders.”

There is now a shortage of youth care workers everywhere in Zeeland

There is no easy solution because, although it is now growing in Terneuzen, the shortage of youth care staff is now felt everywhere in Zeeland. “I believe this is due to the large number of youth protection organizations. We all fish in the same small pond for the more educated and experienced. Municipalities also participate. They rent on their own. Access system. Even the same people.”

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Until this stumbling block is broken, the doors of the head anchor will remain closed. Alderman Schweiz sees it with sadness. “If it turns out to be a permanent closure, it’s a myriad convenience to get out of here. It’s a feature we really need. Because if it’s not there anymore, what’s next again?”

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