Clothing bank De Drie Musketiers would have more time and money to replace the space

Good news at the moment for clothing bank De Drie Musketiers in Medemblic. The Enterprise was threatened with survival because it had to leave its storage location at Opperdoes. Now that the lease on that space has been extended by two months, the Clothing Bank has more time to find an alternative venue. In addition, the Clothing Bank receives a one-time €6,500.

The clothing bank is located in the ABC Church in Medemblik and is run by volunteers. People who do not have much money can get free clothes here through the points system. In Opperdoes, the incoming clothes are collected and sorted, after which they are transferred to the clothing bank in Medemblik. Several hundred people use the Clothes Bank. A number that continues to increase each week.

The existing storage space has been sold by the municipality. If the Clothing Bank did not find a replacement venue before the end of the year, it was forced to close its doors. “We can’t store all the clothes here at Medimblick,” volunteer Janie van Bruershaven told NH News recently. She saw a bleak future.

more time

Now the lease has been extended by two months, so that the clothing bank has more time to find a new storage location. “I’m happy about that,” says Chairman Jan Van Fleet. “We’re leaving Opperdoes on March 1. Even if I have to store clothes in my bedroom, we’ll carry on. I’ve had a lot of support from many councillors, and I’m glad the municipality is also doing its part when it comes to the poorest of the poor. Because that’s what we do for him.” .

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Medemblik Municipality helped look for an alternative space and asked to pay attention to the situation on Facebook. also Van Fleet is busy. “I’m resourceful and I’m in talks with three parties. That’s positive, but I hope one of them becomes final.”

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In addition, De Drie Musketeers receives a one-time compensation of €6,500 and two months’ rent has been waived. “For this amount we will try to finance a new site. Also, things like energy cost a lot of money. We are eligible for subsidies from the municipality and the municipality has directed us to several funds. We will also write to them.”

The municipality will soon consider additional options that are available in 2023 for organizations that support bottom lines and where the target group is growing. This also includes the clothing bank. Alderman Yannick Nijsing: “The Clothes Bank volunteers are doing important work for our residents with a small grant, it’s great that we’ve come up with a joint solution so that the Clothes Bank can continue.”

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