Club boss Parker looks forward to classic matches against Anderlecht: ‘No more slippers’

The classic game is on the show on Sundays, though it’s a classic between two teams that have fallen on hard times lately. Club Brugge may gradually move away from the hope of achieving a fourth title in a row, and it seems that the gap with leader Genk cannot be bridged by 15 points. Anderlecht can’t get off the bad street either, and on top of that it has to deal with rebellious supporters. They demand the resignation of Chief Vandenhaute. Coach Parker understands the importance of the game: “There is no room for slippers anymore.”

Both teams could really use a win. Club Brugge will not get out of the top four, and Anderlecht to curb the discontent among the fans. Bruges will have to do without Scylla, who was given the red at Racing Genk and especially his behavior after the red card caused discontent.

No fine from the club

“I’ve spoken to him. He’s a young player who still has to grow, and it’s my job to guide him in that. I understand but I also gave him a clear message: this behavior is not what we want to see.”

“He’s still young and you make mistakes sometimes, but he’s smart and he’ll pick up on that.” Case closed Thus, there is no further suspension or fine from the club.

Yaremchuk’s new chance?

Who may not be there is Ferran Gotgla. The Spaniard injured himself in training this week and it was feared he might be seriously injured. “It looked bad at the beginning, but in the end we got positive news. We’ll take him day by day. He might be ready to play at the weekend, that remains to be seen.”

Enter Roman Yaremchuk, against Genk he missed a point of opportunity, perhaps now a chance will follow from the kick-off. Parker is already a fan of the Ukrainian: “I used to see him in action and I was impressed then, even now in training I’m a fan. He’s a player with huge potential. He came here for a lot of money and the pressure on the attackers is great because they have to score but he can play an important role.” very much on the team.”

We are already hoping for Sunday because losing new points is completely out of the question. “Very obviously, we can’t drop any more points. But the focus now is mainly on adapting to our new style, even though there is no room for slippers.”

“It’s a cliché but now we have to take each match as it comes. Hard work will eventually get us where we need to go.”

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