Coach Van de Looi to last longer with the youngsters

Coach Erwin van de Loy of Dutch Juniors will remain with KNVB. The 49-year-old has extended his contract with the Football Association for two years. He will now remain in office until the 2023 European Championship qualifying rounds. The new contract will be automatically extended if the youngsters reach the European Championships in Romania and Georgia. Assistant coach Marcel Groninger’s contract has been extended for the same period.

Van de Looi has been employed by KNVB since 1 July 2018. Since he was the group coach, the Junior has achieved 15 wins, 4 draws and 3 defeats. After beating Belarus on November 15, 2020, Van de Lowy broke the record for most successive wins with the juniors. This record now stands at twelve.

Partly thanks to this series of victories, the juniors qualified for the European Championship for the first time since 2013. In March, Juniors reached the quarter-finals of this final round, with Young France being their opponent on May 31.

“I’ve really liked the Dutch junior coaching and training for the past two years,” says Van de Loew. “It is wonderful and difficult to do the best possible performance with the team on the one hand and to prepare the players for the Dutch national team on the other hand. The cooperation with my staff, the Dutch national team and KNVB is excellent and that is why I decided to go to another round of qualifying for the European Championship. It is nice to everyone that there is already clarity. “.

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Niko Jean Hogma, director of the best soccer player, is also delighted. “As KNVB, we are very satisfied with the recent team’s performance. In addition to the good performance of the Dutch national team, a large number of players have also been transferred to the Dutch national team. Performance with the Dutch national team and training Orange players go hand in hand. With Irwin and his crew, we would like to continue this. In the next session. “


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