Code black in Suriname hospitals: “It’s too harsh”

A total lockout has been announced in Suriname for the next two and a half weeks. For hospitals, the code black applies from Monday, while the country code for Suriname is purple, with higher risk levels. There are many concerns about family members living in Suriname within the Suriname community.

Sacha Rowling is a doctor at a hospital in Paramaribo. “People are getting tired of not getting the right treatment for a while.” Rowling considers the young age of patients to be the most violent. “Forty-year-olds enter the hospital and die within an hour.” He says these people no longer have a place in the IC or room for breathing apparatus.

Concerns about relatives in Suriname

Roy Carter, presenter of the radio show Martin, receives daily calls from concerned listeners about the situation in Suriname. “What you hear is that people care so much about their loved ones,” Carter says. Amsterdammers on the street are also concerned. “I still have a mother and grandmother, so I worry about my family.”

The Netherlands will send vaccines

The Dutch Ministry of Health announced on Friday that between 500,000 and 750,000 AstraZeneca vaccines will be sent to Suriname due to the dangerous situation. These vaccines will be given by the end of June. “Numbers are rising, so there will be many more deaths by the end of the month. Not only the dead, but also the most sick people,” Rowling says of the delayed delivery of vaccines. “The sooner the better.”

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