Coldhard sees Leclerk risk as ‘shoemaker’: “Max unknown mistakes”

Sam Hall & Brian von Hindum

Charles Leklerk has long been regarded as one of Formula One’s top performers, but the 24-year-old driver does not have a car that can compete for the championship. This year is different, so Monegask shows good things immediately. However, according to David Cooldhardt, he still has a risk.

The start of the season could not have gone better for Leclerc. The young driver found a car to win in F1-75, which immediately showed this with great success in Bahrain and Australia, and thanks to the rest of Max Verstappen, took a firm lead in the championship. In Imola, we saw the first crack in Leklerk’s championship chances when he made a costly mistake and found himself smoking on a particular stage.


Coulthard spoke before the racing weekend in Miami GPFans The former driver was impressed to see Leklerk’s performance in the opening season and what he saw from the Ferrari driver in the first three races. “After the show in Melbourne, I saw the way Charles performed and felt, ‘Aha! This is Michael Schumacher again,'” he praised Leklerk.

Achilles heel

Nonetheless, Britain saw things wrong in Imola and Lecklerk threw his platform into the hole. “What we’ve seen next in Imola is he still has an Achilles heel. He’s still making mistakes. Max has put those kinds of mistakes behind him. He made a mistake by putting pressure on the Red Bull Ferrari. When he bets twenty dollars on the championship, he has no choice. “Now I’ll put ten dollars for two drivers,” Britain laughs.

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