Column: Formula 1 and TV quality

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Some time ago, I brought my dad a Netflix series mo under attention. She told him that the comedy was about a Palestinian (played by comedian Mohammed Amer) who has been living in the US for years without a residency permit. My father was immediately interested. And rightly so: How many sitcoms are about absolutely undocumented Palestinians? But my dad asked, “Where can Mo actually be seen? Netflix? Fortunately, I was able to answer with a ‘yes’.” Because many people can’t do much with watching advice on Apple TV+ or Starz. They certainly wouldn’t share a title One… and Netflix? Almost everyone seems to have it.

By the way, my father – an avid film and TV viewer from an early age – has more streaming services at his disposal. But as far as I know, neither Apple TV + nor Starz. By the way, by playing. European football. By chance I discovered this with the Swedish broadcasting giant archer It Can Be Seen: a comedy series about an Egyptian-American who has doubts about the meaning of his presence in New Jersey. It’s a series that didn’t get much attention in the Netherlands when it came out in 2019. Is this genre – let’s call it minority TV quality – a niche?

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archer She is the brainchild of comedian and screenwriter Ramy Youssef. In turn, Youssef presented the comedy series with Mohamed Amer mo. From mo See so should actually archer to see. And so in fact, if only for a while, subscribe to Viaplay. But, I thought, isn’t Viaplay also that stronghold of Formula 1? How many Dutch racing sports fans also watch Ramy? It’s a pity sometimes that we can’t see the viewing numbers of streaming services. It would be funny to read that there are 233 families in the Netherlands who don’t miss Max Verstappen and at the same time love Joseph’s sense of humor.

Or will there be more? So I have no idea. It’s a shame — and yes, now I sound like a snob — that people have collectively become subscribed to a sports streaming service, rather than a well-written comedy series that offers viewers new insights into life. You almost want to say to Viaplay: Hey, you have archer Not necessary at all, this title was stolen from Netflix at the same time. Then my acquaintances can immediately after seeing them mo straight through. But this is, of course, a utopia today.

Image credit: Rebecca Brenneman/Netflix

For this reason, I would hardly recommend titles to my circle of friends and acquaintances that are not to be seen on Netflix. Yes, maybe a spin-off on HBO Max or Disney+. Then I gathered courage and started talking about David Simon’s latest project (We own this city) or that The bear It seems very good. However, there is often silence, after which the interlocutor sighs to me that he only has Netflix. I immediately respond to this: look mo! I also know there’s a very good chance that this could happen – anyway because Netflix doesn’t stream Formula 1.

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