Column: Star who makes Disney + a Netflix killer

Disney + will be launching a sixth division beginning February 23. Starr will be joining Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, Walt Disney Pictures, and National Geographic. This new branch will feature a range of series and films aimed at adult audiences.

Insignificant supply

Disney + has had to count on a number of major releases in its first year and a half. Mandalorian, Mulan, and Hamilton brought many new users to the streaming service, but failed to ensure long-term success. Many consider Disney + to be too little.

There are fun movies and series left and right and there is a lot for kids to find entertainment, but adults find that hard. There is no streak like Friends that you can constantly turn on because it looks away. So the demand for more varied (adult) content has been in demand for a long time.

In 2021, Disney + will answer this question via Star. Not only that, because the beginning comes with over 100 movies and 1000 episodes of the major series. The calls were heard and Disney + finally got the right to exist outside of the exclusive content.

Quality and quantity

Netflix will slowly but surely begin to vibrate. A streaming service that was way ahead of the competition is checking out the shows customers have come to Netflix for. By attracting viewers of the popular classic series, millions of customers have been gathered.

Now that it’s joined, it’s up to Netflix to keep those customers. The streaming service often tries to do this by producing as much original content as possible. Since only a handful of Netflix Originals (House of Cards) were found in 2013, in 2021 you’ll see new series, movies, and documentaries from Homeland appear every week.

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The tactic has changed. Exchange quality for quantity then hope some gemstones and maximum usability are enough to keep customers. This partially succeeded. Laziness with the remainder of the series and movies whose licenses are still valid is enough to keep people in the boat.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment Corporation

Day Netflix, hello Disney +

The only question is whether the boat will not leak further. Each year ends with a major cleaning process during which many beautiful TV shows and movies disappear like snow in the sun. Netflix lost prison break at the end of 2020, and the rights of permanent employees to Gossip Girl and How I Met Your Mother have also expired.

Less than a week later, Disney + then announced that the series will be available again on the Netherlands’ livestream service in just over a month. This time only by Disney +. The Disney / FOX deal is increasingly starting to pay off. This is a clear.

Since Disney owned FOX, the Walt Disney Company has slowly but surely been allowed to redistribute rights to FOX productions. Little by little, the series is pulled away from the competitors, after which they can appear on Disney +. And all because of the Mouse house Star is presented as a new substrate.

More Disney + Originals for adults

Finally, Hulu also comes to look around the door. The well-known streaming service might not have come from the US to the Netherlands, but the content created for the platform is there. X-Files, Atlanta, Love, and Victor are just a few of the series that will be ported to Star, for example.

This creates a lot of variety as well as the fact that Disney + can regularly add more content to its portfolio thanks to the additional prop. Overall, it can also be said that Disney + has become a Netflix killer. All the other series about Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney-IP itself are, of course, great. It should not be underestimated.

However, it’s Star that makes Disney + more than the streaming service you visit for Originals. Disney + is about to hit the Netflix level. Who knows, maybe in a year or two, we’ll see the picture completely inverted and Netflix will be the streaming service where we go to a handful of great original shows (Stranger Things, La Casa de Papel) as we come to Disney + day in and day out, and day out for the rest. Time will tell.

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