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In this regard, communication via water sports is much more difficult. There is no stadium you can drive to at 2:30 PM to enjoy a game and there are no boards or T-shirts with your brand name on it. Water sports are hidden places and events for the Olympic champion. However, our sponsors have the same need to reach as many relevant audiences as possible through water sports. By the way, as we do, the promotion and defense of sports are among the primary tasks of Watersportverbond.

The role of social media in communication is increasingly discussed in this context. What do we do on TikTok? How do we get more followers on Instagram? What is the most appropriate content for Facebook and Twitter? The key question is: How do you make a lasting difference on all of these channels?

Posts that top athletes love and share are always successful. Kiran Badloe has more than 26,000 followers on Instagram alone. The contributions of the associations and members we are tagged with are also popular. Think of the sunrise at the Haarlemsche Jachtclub or the ‘golden hour’ at Jachthaven Bruinisse. Tag 2 days ago Beurtveer & Strontrace hits Warmond: 123 likes, 4 comments, 13 shares.

Tag us.

Another idea that appears regularly on Watersportverbond. That’s because the good old club magazine seems to be in the process of being revived. My KNVB colleague Jan Dirk van der Zee recently gave me a good example of North Amsterdam football club HBOK (Het Begon Op Klompen). Due to the temporary nature of digital media, the Board of Directors came to the conclusion that the site, emails and social media sites did not resonate sufficiently with members. That’s why HBOK introduced club magazine La Klompa two years ago. monthly. Beautiful pictures and interesting stories. On 100% recycled paper. Even the youngest players want to participate in it. In fact; Locals love to read La Klompa and sponsors and advertisers appreciate the fraternal value that it entails. Unlike click and like rates.

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There are also unparalleled club magazines on water sports. Take Bolton from Watersport Vereniging Zeewolde. It is popular in the wider area of ​​the association. So ask: Is there a successful mix between the old and the new world? Present cleverly on social media and a simple but well-made association magazine for our members?

Say it. You are in the bunker.


Arno van Gerven is the Director of the Royal Netherlands Aquatic Association. Each week discusses current topics in water sports. Do you want to reply? Do so at [email protected]

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