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British comedian and talk show host James Corden lost about fifteen kilograms, but according to him, it was not easy. Underwent 75 personal trainers. “I just don’t trust them,” he said in an interview on The Howard Stern Show.

James Corden said of his recent weight loss: “I’m doing my best, but I still have a long way to go. For example, the talk show host hates sports. He said in his interview, among other things, that he hardly has time for himself. Corden For example, he has a busy work schedule and also has three young children. “I usually only have an hour to myself, and then I have to do something I absolutely hate.”

on your own power

Nowadays, the talk show host also does everything on his own. He says he no longer trusts personal trainers after he exhausted 75 of them. “I just don’t trust them,” James said. In the past, he has indicated to his coaches that he would like to lose a few kilograms at a slightly faster pace. “But then I realized they get paid by the hour and they don’t want you to lose weight quickly.”

He hasn’t bought any new clothes at the moment, but Corden has divided his wardrobe into three different pieces. For example, there is a “This is just embarrassing” section, a “This might be better” section and a “You’re doing a great job” section. “I haven’t worn any clothes from that first section in a long time, so now I totally enjoy choosing clothes from the other two sections of my wardrobe.”

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