Commemoration and demonstrations in German cities one year after the Hanau attack

In many German cities, people took to the streets to kill victims The far-right attack in Hanau for a year. Then 43-year-old German Tobias R shot nine people at two hookah cafes in the city near Frankfurt.

Then the man killed his mother and himself. According to German justice, he had extreme right-wing motives.

In Cologne and Frankfurt, not only was yesteryear memorialized, but also commemorated. Activists are calling on the German government to do more to address racism and right-wing extremism. They also believe the government has not done enough to support the relatives of the victims.

Dejected – Depressed

At the official memorial meeting in Hanau, German President Steinmeier said he was “very sad” that the government had been unable to protect the peace and security of civilians. Immediately after the attack, it became clear that the investigation apparatus was the culprit On the horizon for a few months now But he didn’t act.

In his speech, Steinmeier said that the Germans “should not ignore the evil that is in our midst,” but that they also called for “belief in our common strength.”

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