“Communication is not ideal for three species”

Thanks to Helmut Marco Red Bull Engineers and all the staff of the Austrian Racing Station who contributed to the development of the RB16B in the United States at Milton Keynes. The first day on the track in Texas did not go as planned, but on Saturday it was just so different.

“We are very proud that our engineers improved it better,” he said. Quoted by Marco German Branch The sky. The 78-year-old Austrian is asked how relationships suddenly changed so much. “We are not optimized in contacts for all three races right now. “

Red Bull has always been optimistic

The changes in the system that work well on the simulator are very disappointing along the way. Still, the bottom stone now looks like the top. “It’s harder to tune our car than Mercedes. They’re coming here, and they’re fast right away [wisten] To the best of our ability, we had to open it. “

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez looked very carefully at which parts of the path to push and where to stop them. “Max, for example, may have been a little aggressive yesterday, he had already overheated tires in one of the sectors.

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