Company to support the promotion of wheelchair tennis

While the company and other local companies are facing challenges due to the many challenges facing industries around the world, BQ Contractors will continue to support tennis and especially wheelchair tennis, said Silas Bora, company official.

“As a local sports sponsorship company, BQ Contractors is very interested in developing sport in the country and remains a loyal partner of the Sports Federation,” he said.

“We will continue to support wheelchair tennis in the country and our goal is to ensure that this sport is practiced by many people in the country. We are glad that our father (John Bora) is very interested in the game of tennis and understands its potential. From local wheelchair tennis players, he loves the sport and treats all of us. Wheelchair tennis players are like his children. “

He also revealed that Bora is working hard to establish the Tanzania Wheelchair Tennis Federation (WTT), as the goal is to recognize the sport in the country.

Bora issued the statement on Saturday at Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam, saying goodbye to the local players and the Portugal coach in the BNP Paribas World Cup qualifiers this season.

BQ Contractors sponsored two plane tickets for the players and the company paid all of the team’s expenses, while the ITF paid for the coach’s plane ticket.

The players who made the trip are Novatus Tempa and Hamisi Juma while Rzeki Salom is the main coach.

The event will take place in Portugal from 10 to 16 May at Vilamoura Tennis Academy and will be used as a qualifier for the BNP World Team Cup scheduled at Olbia Sports Center in Sardinia, Italy, from 4 to 10 October this year.

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Coach Salom promised the two would keep the country flag flying during the event.

“We are well prepared for the event, it will not be easy, but my players are ready for the challenge because the goal is to qualify for the World Cup,” he said.

BQ thanked the contractors and the ITF for their gesture, which was well received.

More than 300 players will represent their countries for the chance to win the BNP Paribas World Cup Champions.

Teams from the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia / Oceania will compete against the auto qualifiers at the World Group event.

The automatic qualifiers for the men’s World Cup World Group event are Great Britain, France, Japan, Argentina, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, USA, the Republic of Korea and Brazil, with four qualifying tournaments and two allowances per tournament. 16- Field team.

The women’s car qualifiers cover the Netherlands, Japan, Great Britain, South Africa, China, the USA, Thailand and Colombia, with four qualifiers completing the 12-team ranking field.

The participants in the Quartet are Japan, Israel, South Africa, Great Britain, the United States of America and Canada, with two teams consisting of eight teams that completed the qualifiers.

The Junior Show consists of Australia, Great Britain, Turkey and Brazil, with four Wildcard countries completing a field with eight teams.

Tanzania’s wheelchair tennis team participated in the BNP Paribas World Cup in Turkey and Italy in the past.

The BNP Paribas World Cup is the ITF’s most important wheelchair tennis tournament. Teams compete in the event by qualifying regionally.

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