Complete failure of the team effort Kramer, Roast and Bosker: ‘very disappointed’ | Winter sports | February 4 – 20

VideoNext to the medal at the Olympics are the Dutch skaters. The United States was very strong with the TeamNL trio in the consolation final and captured the bronze. Sven Kramer, Patrick Roast and Marcel Bosker did not play against Casey Dawson, Emery Lehmann and Joey Montia. “It’s very frustrating.”

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The United States started very fast in the consolation final and the Netherlands did not come close to a medal. In the end Kramer, Roast and Bosker were almost three seconds short. ,, We were all a little underweight, ‘Roast said. “It simply came to our notice then. We deserve to be on stage. “Kramer:” It’s not working. “

Kramer hopes to win his fifth gold medal at the Olympics in team search. That mission failed. The 35-year-old Frisian is still taking action at the mass start, but he is not an expert in that area. Kramer has now won nine Olympic medals, four gold, two silver and three bronze. Kramer all won bronze on Team Pursheet.

Gold went to Norway, which extended the Olympic title at the Pyongyang Games. In the final, Norwegians Holgir Engebreden, Peter Kongshak and Sverre Lunde Petersen were faster than the Russians by more than two seconds.

Like the quarterfinals, the Netherlands finished fourth in the semi-finals this morning. The team was a second slower than the Norwegians, but much slower than the surprised Russians with an Olympic record of 3.36.61. Also in the battle for the bronze the opposing U.S. team was much faster than Kramer, Roast and Bosker with 3.37.65 points.

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,, This was not enough, we already had a tough time in the quarterfinals and semifinals. Especially with the European Championship in mind, those other nations are taking a significant step forward. The three of us are a little short, you can not buy it at the Olympics, “said Sven Kramer at the NOS. And Bhaskar, selected at the expense of sprinter Dai Dai N’tab: ,, I noticed that we were less than the European Championship. It’s annoying for Dae Toe, but I’m not thinking about it right now. “

Dutch skaters Marcel Bosker, Sven Kramer and Patrick Roast after the battle for bronze. © ANP

Kramer acknowledged that culture in the Netherlands focuses more on personal distances. Maybe the product is not enough. ,, but it then sees the bull in the ass. This has nothing to do with what we can not do. It’s about choices, but one bites the other. It will not be released this week. That too is a masterpiece. I hope they can pull it off in the next four years.

Gold only once

The Netherlands has won gold only once in the men’s and women’s team events since the 2006 Olympics in Turin. Both teams won the Olympic title at the 2014 Sochi Games. The men won bronze at the 2018 Pyongyang Games.

Dutch skaters Sven Kramer and Patrick Roast.
Dutch skaters Sven Kramer and Patrick Roast. © ANP

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