Complete list of men’s and women’s hockey games

The 2021 Olympics in Tokyo will be a unique event for a number of reasons. In addition to the global event taking place during epidemics, participants must adhere to strict protocols before and after the competition.

There will be no outside spectators at the Tokyo Olympics. Local fans are allowed to attend the event, the number of spectators has not yet been specified.

Hockey will be one of the main attractions of the Tokyo Olympics. The game brings color to the stands and keeps everyone on the edge of his seat for 60 minutes. The Allround Movement has always delighted fans at the global event.

At the Tokyo Olympics, 24 teams (12 in men’s and women’s) compete for more trophies at the Oy Hockey Stadium. In each division, the teams were divided into six groups each, with the first four teams advancing to the quarterfinals. Each victory brings three points to the teams at the Tokyo Olympics, while a draw gives them only one point.

India is the most successful Olympic men’s team with 11 medals including 8 gold. Pakistan is in second place with eight medals, each consisting of three gold, one silver and two bronze medals.

The Netherlands is the most successful women’s team to compete in the Tokyo Olympics, winning three gold and two bronze medals and two silver medals each.

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The men’s competitions at the Tokyo Olympics are as follows:

July 24

Japan-Australia (Group A)

New Zealand-India (Group A)

Argentina-Spain (Group A)

Netherlands-Belgium (Group B)

Great Britain – South Africa (Group B)

Canada-Germany (Group B)

25 July

India-Australia (Group A)

Spain-New Zealand (Group A)

Japan-Argentina (Group A)

South Africa-Netherlands (Group B)

July 26

Germany-Belgium (Group B)

Great Britain – Canada (Group B)

July 27

Argentina-Australia (Group A)

Japan-New Zealand (Group A)

India-Spain (Group A)

Germany – Great Britain (Group B)

Belgium-South Africa (Group B)

Netherlands-Canada (Group B)

28 July

Japan-Spain (Group A)

Australia-New Zealand (Group A)

July 29

India-Argentina (Group A)

South Africa-Germany (Group B)

Belgium-Canada (Group B)

Netherlands-Great Britain (Group B)

July 30

Australia-Spain (Group A)

Japan-India (Group A)

Argentina-New Zealand (Group A)

Canada – South Africa (Group B)

Germany-Netherlands (Group B)

Belgium-Great Britain (Group B)

1 August

Quarter End1

Quarterly 2

Quarter End3

Quarterly 4

3 August

Halve Final 1 (WQF1 and WQF2)

Halve Final 2 (WQF3 vs WQF4)

5 August

Bronze Medal (LSF1 vs LSF2)

Gold Medal (WSF1 vs WSF2)

Victory Ceremony

The women’s events at the Tokyo Olympics are:

July 24

Netherlands-India (Group A)

Ireland-South Africa (Group A)

25 July

Great Britain – Germany (Group A)

Japan-China (Group B)

Australia-Spain (Group B)

New Zealand-Argentina (Group B)

July 26

Netherlands-Ireland (Group A)

South Africa – Great Britain (Group A)

Germany-India (Group A)

Australia – China (Group B)

Japan-New Zealand (Group B)

Argentina-Spain (Group B)

28 July

Netherlands-South Africa (Group A)

Great Britain vs India (Group A)

Germany-Ireland (Group A)

New Zealand – Spain (Group B)

Japan-Australia (Group B)

Argentina-China (Group B)

July 29

Great Britain-Netherlands (Group A)

Spain – China (Group B)

Japan-Argentina (Group B)

New Zealand Australia (Group B)

Women of Great Britain
The Great Britain women’s team will try to defend their title at the Tokyo Olympics.

July 30

South Africa-Germany (Group A)

Ireland-India (Group A)

July 31

India-South Africa (Group A)

Germany-Netherlands (Group A)

Ireland-Great Britain (Group A)

China-New Zealand (Group B)

Argentina-Australia (Group B)

Japan-Spain (Group B)

2 August

Quarter End1

Quarterly 2

Quarter End3

Quarterly 4

4 August

Semi-final (WQF1 and WQF2)

Semi-final (WQF3 vs WQF4)

6 August

Bronze Medal (LSF1 vs LSF2)

Gold Medal (WSF1 vs WSF2)

In memory of the ceremony

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