Composer Angelo Badalamenti, best known for the Twin Peaks soundtrack, has died

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Angelo Badalamenti has passed away at the age of 85. American composer, best known for his music for the detective mystery series Twin PeaksHe died at his home in New Jersey.

Badalamenti has composed music for more than a hundred films, such as Blue Velvet, Lost Highway And the Mulholland Drive And many TV series. Other major titles he collaborated on were The Beach, a nightmare at 3 Elm Street, Arlington Road And the A long dimanche of fiançailles. He has also collaborated with a slew of pop artists, including Pet Shop Boys and Marianne Faithfull.

Badalamenti’s first collaboration with David Lynch blue velvet In 1986 the number was handed over Secrets of love, with singer Julie Cruz, op. That song led to Cruz’s debut album in 1989. That’s where the song came in drop On, the instrumental version that Lynch used as the opening music for Twin Peaks.

The haunting song became a worldwide hit.

Listen? You can do that below:

Badalamenti has won a Grammy Award and has received three Emmy Award nominations for his work Twin Peaks.

Badalamenti’s music has been sampled many times. In 1991, American producer Moby had a huge hit with the song he goesWhat a sample received from Theme by Laura Palmer From Twin Peaks.

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