Concerns about an entire power grid: Grid operator and employers want action

In more and more places in the Netherlands, there is no space on the power grid. VNO-NCW is involved and advocates for unconventional and creative solutions. Network operator Liander, the largest in the Netherlands, lacks government control.

The demand for electricity is high and will only increase in the coming years. From homes to businesses, cars and data centers; Growth is only increasing. “There is enough capacity for housing, but it may not be there, for example, for a store or a school,” says Peter Hovland, a spokesman for Leander.

Charging stations and biodiesel generator

New jams have been added this week in the Amsterdam area. Bart Drenthe, president of MKB Amsterdam, for example, sees the city’s distribution center struggling to get charging stations, so it can start driving electric buses.

A multifunctional center including a primary school and library in the village of Rotten, in Noordoostpolder, has been running a biodiesel generator for months because there is no place on the power grid.

Network operator Liander has capacity problems in Noord-Holland and Noordoostpolder, among others:

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