Concerns about press freedom after Megan Markle’s legal victory over the British tabloid

Megan Markle at the 2021 Global Citizen Live Concert in New York.Image REUTERS

Following the discovery of Prince Harry by three British professional judges, the 40-year-old actress and her wife issued a statement saying, “This is a victory not only for me, but for anyone who is afraid to resist the right.” OK. Given. For the Duchess and her husband, it was a huge hit for the tabloids they hated.

The verdict came as a surprise in London, where celebrity couples live. Mail on Sunday The publication of that letter was part of a publicity stunt by Megan, and there were strong indications that she always wanted to publish it on the street. Friends of the Duchess will be the gossip magazine People The contents of the letter and his unofficial spokesman and biographer, Omar Skopje, were also informed. It’s about an emotional letter written to Thomas by his father, who has a bad relationship with Megan.

The judges, in their judgment, said in several words that Magney should decide what happens to the letter and how it is advertised. Leading journalist Mark Stephens said in a statement that the ruling gives more control over how celebrities are advertised. In the UK, at least. In the United States, where freedom of the press and freedom of speech are enshrined in the Constitution, the media can publish Thomas Merkel’s leaked letter without issue.

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Significantly, it never led to a real trial between Megan Mail on Sunday Has arrived. The Duchess chose a concise legal procedure in which no witnesses were heard in court, which the newspaper preferred. For example, the newspaper wanted to ask questions about its credibility. Megan, for example, said she did not cooperate with Scoby’s book Discovering independence. That is what changed later. The judges called it “unfortunate amnesia.”

Conservative politicians believe that by enacting the new Privacy Act, judges have taken the place of legislators. Ministers are now looking for ways to restore the balance between press freedom and the right to privacy. Mail on Sunday The Supreme Court is considering an appeal to the British Supreme Court. But it is unclear whether the case will be allowed there. The only alternative would be to involve the European Court of Human Rights. That would be a huge step forward for the Eurosceptic newspaper.

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