Concerns about the financial situation of municipalities: ‘We are the poorest province in the Netherlands’

Municipalities rarely finalize their budgets because they had to accept multiple tasks from the national government. The cuts are the result of public order and safety. This is a bad thing, Zeeland officials say, because Geland is the second most dangerous area in the Netherlands, including the nuclear power plant and the busy Western Shelter.

According to John Herschelman, chairman of the board of management and finance of Jeeves Overhead (OZO), security in Zeeland is not directly at risk, but something needs to change. “We’re sending a signal that we can’t pursue this now,” he says. “If there is no structural funding, we have to choose.”

40 million added

Herschelman finds that the municipalities of Zealand are less than millions. “It is mainly in the social domain, for example young people are cared for,” says Herselmann. “In 2019, as municipalities in Zealand, we had to add 40 million euros, we only get three million. That really needs to change.”

The cake should be bigger, more money should be sent from the central government to the municipalities. “

John Herschelman

On the advice of the Governments of Zeeland, the deficits should be structurally filled by the national government, and this should be specified in a new cabinet coalition agreement. OZO recommends that money be diverted from municipal funds, taking into account the geographical and demographic characteristics of the island.

Poor province

“We are the poorest province in the Netherlands,” says John Herschelman. “It’s not rented anymore. The cake has to be bigger, more money has to be sent from the federal government to the municipalities.

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