Conclusion: “There is always room for improvement, but not…

Arne Slot in 1908 in the year 2023

Arne Slot in 1908 in the year 2023
Photo: © Pro Shots

Arne Sloat again expressed a desire for offensive reinforcements. in conversation with international football He says this is where the key lies in terms of improvement from last season.

Slot hopes the new acquisitions can bring Feyenoord up a notch. “I think the opportunity for us to really improve on last season isn’t there in coaching anymore. We’ve taken it ninety percent now. Of course there’s always room for improvement, but not much anymore. So the biggest opportunity for improvement now is to attract players who immediately raise the bar with their individual quality.”

“That’s where the big challenge now lies, after we’ve sold Kökçü for thirty million euros and received Champions League money: can we save the money within Feyenoord to attract two players we can improve in terms of quality compared to Szymanski and Idrissi? So we can take another big step. The question is whether we can also spend that money, following our competitors.”

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