Confusion about the beginning of the month of Ramadan every year: for this reason | Ramadan

But some Muslims believe that you should find the new crescent yourself, not by calculations. It does not have to be done with the naked eye, but it can also be done with astronomical instruments. For example, this is common in Saudi Arabia. The new moon was seen there. Ramadan also begins on Thursday at this time.

Many other countries are following Saudi Arabia’s lead or waiting for the Saudis to announce Ramadan. This is why most Muslims only know when Ramadan will start a few days in advance. In Islamic countries, special scientific centers for the study of the moon have been created for this very reason.

Therefore, Ramadan sometimes starts or ends at a different time for some Muslims in the Netherlands. This can be confusing for employers when requesting time off. This year, Ramadan starts at the same time in almost all countries. It cannot be said whether everyone also ends at the same time at the end.

There is also a difference of opinion as to whether it is sufficient to see the Moon elsewhere in the world, or whether it must necessarily be seen over one’s own country. Some countries want to observe the new moon themselves. If somewhere it is cloudy or the moon is not seen, that country will not keep up with another country’s observation.

So it may also be the case that fasting a day is longer in one country. In 2020, Eid al-Fitr in Turkey, Morocco and Saudi Arabia was on May 24, while Muslims in countries like India and Bangladesh did not celebrate until May 25.

In Maleisië wordt de maan geobserveerd om de start van de ramadan aan te kondigen.

Bij de rotskoepel bij de Al Aqsamoskee wordt de maan geobserveerd met een telescoop.

Ook in Atjeh in Indonesië houdt een religieus ambtenaar de maan in de gaten.

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